SEO Workshop Seminars: Generate the perfect lead

I have been working with businesses, companies and brands of all sizes for a lot of years and fully understand what it takes to drive a constant flow of leads through your website. I've personally worked on over 2,000 different websites, in some of the toughest industries around and have a personal knowledge of many industries.

With all my knowledge and experience, I have put together an SEO workshop masterclass that is tailored to help you to drive a constant flow of quality leads through your website and as long as you convert those leads into sales, it will help your revenue to grow. If you already understand all the SEO basics and you are looking for an Advanced SEO seminar, I suggest you take advantage of my personal SEO training.

SEO Training

How to generate the perfect lead through SEO

This is a one day SEO workshop seminar. By the end of the day, you will have a good understanding of what it takes to create and implement and effective SEO strategy so it drives a constant flow of targeted leads through your website.

What you will learn

Stage 1: Getting started

  • What is ethical SEO and what’s the difference between white, grey and black hat?
  • How SEO will help your business to grow
  • Understanding your business and brand
  • How to complete a basic SEO audit on your website

Stage 2: Research

  • What is Google Analytics, how to set it up and how to use it
  • What is Google Webmaster Tools, how to set it up and how to use it
  • Researching your competition and industry
  • How to select keywords that will drive new business

Stage 3: On-page

  • Always put the user experience first
  • Always think about the intent when mapping keywords to your pages
  • An overview of how to optimise a page for the related keywords
  • How to write content for conversions

Stage 4: Local SEO explained

  • What are citations and why they are important?
  • How to check for your existing citations and why duplicates are bad
  • How to find places to publish your citation – it’s not just about directories
  • Why and how to create a Google My Business page

Stage 5: Link building techniques

  • What are links and why you need to earn them?
  • Why you need to remove all your bad links and how
  • Link research - how to find the best links
  • Simple but effective ethical link building techniques

Stage 6: Increasing your online exposure

  • Never focus on just a few keywords
  • Why blogging is so important to your online brand exposure
  • How to create content that gets shared and linked to
  • How to measure your complete online and brand awareness

Stage 7: Analyse, measure and tweak

  • How do I measure the success of my SEO campaign?
  • What is conversion rate optimisation and why it is important?
  • My best conversion rate optimisation tips
  • SEO is a constant marketing strategy – never stop!

Seminar price, dates and locations


£149 per person - Each seminar date is restricted to a maximum of 10 people.

Price includes, refreshments, buffet lunch, copy of all slides and training material. You also receive a 25% discount on my personal SEO training.

Available dates

My next seminar is held on the 16th May 2017 at Cotton Court, Church Street, Preston PR1 3BY. Free parking available on-site. Arrive anytime from 9am as the seminar starts at 9:30 am and is scheduled to end at around 4 pm.