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"I train you and your team on SEO techniques that you want and need to know."

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If you only do what you can do - You will only be as good as you are.

A great SEO never stops learning.

Three SEO Training Options - Tailored for YOU!

Option 1: Personal SEO Training

If you are looking for that personal touch, where you and your team will be trained on SEO techniques that are 100% tailored to your individual company - my personal SEO training is just what you need.

I find that no two companies are the same and the existing SEO and digital marketing knowledge of your team is never the same as another company. Because of this, I attend your offices and start by getting to know you and your team. Depending on that conversation, I tailor each day according to what your team need to know in order to push forward with their individual job roles.

Just imagine! Attending a personal SEO training course where 100% of the time is tailored to your company and industry.

Who should consider my personal training?

  • Small business owners who need that personal one-to-one touch.
  • Digital marketing agencies who require their team up-skilled.
  • Companies large and small who require their marketing team educated in the latest SEO and digital marketing techniques.


"As part of upskilling our marketing teams, Mark Preston took on the task of providing onsite SEO training for our marketing teams across Glory. Mark is very knowledgeable in the SEO space and provided the expertise needed to get individuals who were new to SEO quickly up to speed without with being condescending, which was appreciated. I would recommend Mark for any SEO training activities if you are looking to upskill teams or as an individual look to get to grips with SEO landscape."

Fortune Belcher, Digital Marketing Lead at Glory Global Solutions

Fortune Belcher at Glory Global Solutions

Option 2: SEO Masterclasses

There are many micro and small business owners who honestly cannot afford the investment level required for my personal SEO training. As such, I run regular basic to intermediate SEO masterclasses, hosted in various locations around the North West of England.

Who should attend my SEO masterclasses?

  • Start-ups - If you are just starting a new business - it is important you understand the basics of SEO and how it can help you to secure new business.
  • Small business owners - Having a website is one thing but having the knowledge and skills to drive a constant flow of visitors to your website who are looking to buy the products or services you offer can be a minefield.
  • Marketing executives - The best digital marketing executives never stop learning as we work in an ever changing industry. If you want to attend an SEO seminar that cuts through all the crap that is written online, my course is for you.
  • Web designers and developers - Your job is to design and build websites but if those websites do not have the potential to drive new business, you are wasting your time. After attending my SEO course, you will be able to build a fully SEO friendly website.


SEO Masterclass

"I have known Mark now for quite some time and he is always full of words of encouragement for my business and takes a keen interest in the role blogging has played in its development. Recently, I attended one of his SEO seminars, which was run professionally, with the day tailored to the requirements of all participants. Everyone went away with actionable things to implement to drive their website up the search engine rankings and were in no doubt that they had just been taught by The Don of SEO."

Tom Metcalf, Founder at Little Touches

Tom Metcalf
Option 3: One-to-One Online SEO Training

Due to high demand from business owners, SEO professionals and digital marketers from all over the world who are unable to attend one of my face to face training days in person, I provide an online SEO training service available to anyone, no matter where in the world they live. As long as you can speak and understand English, we will be just fine.

How is the online SEO training hosted?

This will be live one-to-one SEO training where we both jump on Skype at an agreed timeslot and share screens whilst discussing SEO techniques.

What you will learn

You will learn whatever you want and need to learn.

There is no set plan here. You won't be bored watching your screen whilst I go through a series of PowerPoint slides. We will go through your website, audit it and go through SEO techniques live on your website. This will be totally hands-on.

Some people I host online SEO training to want to know about local SEO techniques, whilst others are more interested in advanced link building techniques. I have 16 years of SEO and digital marketing knowledge and I am giving you the opportunity to pick my brains and drain what you need to help you push your individual business forward.

What is the process?

Simply, once payment has been received in cleared funds, we can agree on a time suitable for both of us and we both jump on Skype. You can then ask me anything or I am always happy for you to send me a list of questions in advance. Whatever best suits your individual needs and requirements.

Just think of me as your personal SEO mentor.

"After many years of being taken advantage of by SEO companies I decided to make a drastic change. The answer is to learn it myself. I found Mark through a live demo and decided to take a risk and a hire an overseas SEO trainer. I've had a total of 6 hours of training and definitely have an overview and understanding of SEO. I signed up for two additional classes I can't wait to complete! Finally, free of corrupt SEO companies scamming business out of their money! Thank you Mark!"

Erica Wolfe, Marketing Manager at Valley West Landscapes

Erica Wolfe - Marketing Manager
Let's arrange a chat!

I find that it is always better to arrange a chat over the telephone to discuss your digital marketing and SEO training requirements. That way, I am able to answer any questions you have. Just call me on 07713 068 945 to move one step closer to pushing your business forward with the increased knowledge and skills you and your team will receive.