SEO Services: Results are Vanity – Impact is Sanity!

Let’s cut to the chase. You are here right now reading this page because you need to drive new business. Correct me if I am wrong but you don’t really care about being ranked at the top of Google for a certain keyword. All you are interested in is getting that phone ringing and generating leads or sales through your website.

Results are vanity - Impact is sanity!

If your website is ranking at the top of Google for a certain keyword but it does not generate any 'impact', what's the point! SEO is a marketing service and just like any other marketing service, the aim is to drive new business.

SEO Services

If this was my business!

In order to provide you with a great return on your investment, the first thing I say to myself is – “If this was my business or company, how would I use my skills to generate new customers?” The reason I have built myself a great reputation is I treat every single business I work with as though I owned it and it is my own money I'm investing. It's astonishing the difference being in this mindset makes!

Monthly lead generation focused SEO services, tailored to you

What works for one business in one industry, may not work for your business in your industry. If all you do is follow the crowd - you are ever only going to be 'as good' as your competition at most BUT that's just not good enough.

I will help you to create a tailored business development focused SEO strategy plan and I will personally action this plan keeping you informed every step of the way. You know exactly what I am doing, why I am doing it and the impact it has on your business as I will be available via Skype throughout your purchased days. No more working with agencies never knowing what you are getting for your money.

One-off individual SEO services

I speak to many business owners, directors and CEOs about certain issues they are facing where they just need a one-off solution. Not every SEO service has to be based on a residual monthly payment. No matter what issues you are facing, get in touch as there is always a solution to any problem. Below are just a few problem solving services I can provide:

  • Website diagnostic auditing and reporting
  • Negative brand reputation solving
  • Historic clean-up
  • SEO mentoring service
  • Speed optimisation
  • Fixing technical SEO issues
  • Link building
  • Copywriting
  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations
  • Pay per click management
  • And many more....
Website Audit - Crawl Map

"We have been very impressed with the consultancy provided by Mark since he started working with us. He has worked closely with us to understand our company in detail, and how we can not only improve our google ranking but also our overall marketing strategy. Already we have seen an increase in new clients that have found us through online searches and we are very pleased with how quickly and effectively Mark's guidance has helped us with this. We would have no hesitations in recommending Mark and look forward to continue working with him in the future."

Adam Calvert, Rushtons Chartered Accountants

Adam Calvert - SEO Services Client

No matter what your budget levels are or how advanced your business goals are - give me a call on 07713 068 945 and let's start a conversation as I'm a big believer in - there is always a solution to any problem.