SEO Questions: Most common questions I’m asked

General SEO questions

What is SEO?

Without going technical - It is a website marketing technique that has the ability (if implemented right) to drive an ever-increasing amount of people to your website who are interested in the products or services you provide. This is accomplished by getting your website ranking high on various search engines (including Google, Bing and Yahoo) for certain words and phrases that your potential customers use to find what you offer.

Will SEO generate me leads and sales?

I always say that it is a two-way thing. For SEO to have a direct result in increasing leads or sales, your website must provide enough value to ensure each visitor wants to contact you. In other words – people are coming to you with a problem. You need to make sure that your website explains how you can solve their problem and build enough trust so they want to contact you.

My website is getting lots of traffic but the phone is just not ringing. Can you help?

This is a very common issue that a lot of businesses face. In my experience, this is the result of you trying to implement an SEO strategy that is not focused towards you potential customers. If you book me for one of my personal SEO training days, I am certainly able to help you to put a new SEO strategy together and teach you how to effectively implement it.

Do you provide a magic SEO wand?

There are certain business owners who attend my SEO seminars who think that I am going to give them a big red button that they can press and overnight, their website is generating hundreds of leads. This however is not reality. I give you the ‘how-to’ knowledge but you need to invest time and effort into building an effective SEO campaign month after month.

FAQ's related to my personal SEO training

Where is the training provided?

All training is hosted in my dedicated training / conference room at my office in Darwen, Lancashire.

Can you provide the personal SEO training at my office?

Yes. I am able to visit your office to train you and your team, but additional costs (my standard day rate + travel + accommodation if required) will apply. If you are located in London, I would have to charge you three days at my standard rate plus travel and accommodation.

Can I edit my site during the training session?

100% yes and in fact it is something I suggest as you learn better that way.

What’s the difference between your ‘ask-me-anything’ and ‘pre-planned’ personal training?

As the title suggests, my personal SEO training days are just that. I can turn up on the day and you can fire specific questions at me or get me to show you a certain SEO technique. If however, you prefer more of a structured training day, you can send me a list of requirements in advance and I will create a series of slides prior to the training day.

Will you provide me with training material?

Yes. You and your team will be provided with training documentation you can refer to. If slides are created, you will also receive a copy of those.

Can you provide your SEO workshop instead?

Sure. Some companies really like the structure of my set SEO workshop seminar but want more of a personal session where I train their in-house team.

FAQ's related to my SEO workshop seminars

Who is the workshops aimed at?

I have made sure that my workshop seminars are not tailored towards any specific level of business as I provide a complete overview that can be actioned on any niche. Some of the people that attend my seminars include, startup businesses, small business owners, digital marketing professionals and even bloggers.

Do you provide any other SEO courses other than what is listed?

It’s like this! If I get people requesting me to host a seminar on a certain aspect of SEO and there is enough interest so I can fill each workshop, I have no problem in creating more set SEO workshop seminars.

Where are your SEO masterclasses hosted?

All my SEO masterclasses / seminars / workshops are hosted in my dedicated training room in Darwen, Lancashire. Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn so I can send you details of an SEO course near you.

Do I require any previous SEO experience?

No. I train in a non-technical way so even people that have never heard of SEO before will be able to follow the workshop.

Will your seminars turn me into an SEO expert?

If only it was as easy as that. It has only taken me fifteen years to become a well-respected SEO expert. My SEO seminars will however provide you with enough basic SEO knowledge so you can plan and action an SEO strategy yourself without having to pay an agency.

All the tickets have been sold. Can you add one more into your SEO workshop?

I have a strict rule of keeping all seminars to a maximum of ten people. This way I can make sure everyone in the room understands what I am teaching. If all tickets have been sold and there is a real need, I have no problem with hosting a second seminar in your location.

I have special dietary requirements. Would this be an issue?

As refreshments and buffet lunch is included as part of each full day seminar, I will need you to let me know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements so I can inform catering.

Got any further questions? No problem. Just give me a call on 07713 068 945!