SEO Consultant: My SEO Consultancy Service

I find that many people who are looking for an SEO consultant, either want to recruit a new member of staff to join their existing digital marketing team or they are looking for a freelance SEO consultant to do the actual SEO as it is often a cheaper solution than working with an agency.

An SEO consultant with a difference

As the title suggests, (as well as an SEO trainer) I’m an SEO consultant and as such, I consult.

A business consultant does not come in and run your business for you. They help and advice you to push your business forward in the best direction.

My SEO consultancy service is just like that. Consider me as your SEO expert who will help you build the right in-house marketing team - help create a return on investment focused SEO strategy and monitor your team so that strategy is being implemented correctly.

SEO Consultant

Who I help

I work as an SEO consultant for a wide range of companies who all have different objectives. My job is to simply guide you in the right direction and ensure your in-house marketing team are (at least) meeting your business goals.

As an SEO consultant, some of the things I can help you with are:

  • Sourcing, interviewing and building an in-house digital marketing team. This is perfect for companies who want to move away from working with agencies to take their marketing in-house, but don’t know how.
  • Strategy planning - If you have a good in-house team with a decent level of knowledge but don’t seem to be able to push new business forward as fast as you would like, I’m able to help you analyse your marketing and create a new ROI focused plan.
  • Mentoring your team - Think of me as your in-house SEO manager, without having the high monthly costs of taking me on full time.
  • Peace of mind support – Some companies pay me each month after the initial SEO training sessions to be on-hand at the other end of the telephone. This is a great service as your team can call me or send me an email to ask any SEO or digital marketing related question if they are not sure about any certain marketing technique.
  • Agency monitoring - If you already work with a digital marketing / SEO agency but you are not sure what they are doing is correct or you just want to better understand how to monitor their progress - my agency monitoring consultancy service is perfect for you. I am able to hide away in the background to monitor the work your agency are performing and provide an unbiased review of their service. This is one of my more popular SEO consultancy services as many companies just don't understand what their agency are doing.
My SEO consultancy fees

I always like to be totally up-front and transparent about my fees. Therefore, I openly state what I charge on all my training services.

My SEO consultancy fees are no different. I charge a set £495 per day and you are in control of the number of days each month. I find that many companies need more day’s consultancy each month within the first three months then reduce this on-going.

Let’s chat

Give me a call on 07713 068 945 to discuss the issues you are facing so I’m able to provide the best SEO consultancy solution.