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Helping your company to drive new business forward.

Do you have the capacity within your company to take on new business but need direction as to the best way to achieve that through digital marketing efforts?

I find that many people who are looking for an SEO consultant, either want to recruit a new member of staff to join their existing digital marketing team or they are looking for a freelance SEO consultant to do the work as it is often a cheaper solution than working with an agency. Let's get one thing straight from the start. I'm not cheap and if you are looking for a full time in-house SEO manager, you would have to offer me a six figure salary as I value my skills and knowledge.

Two freelance SEO consultant solutions:

  1. If your company is based in Lancashire, I am able to come into your office and work directly with your staff. Think of me as just another member of your team. This works very well for local companies as there is no issues at all with what and how something has been done as I'm sat in your office working with your staff.
  2. If your company is located outside Lancashire, I am able to provide tailored SEO services to ensure we work together to increase new business. The only difference is I'm working remotely. Just like with option one, you will know exactly what I'm doing as I will be available throughout the day via Skype to answer your questions.
Freelance SEO Consultant


If the phone is not ringing more and the leads are not increasing, then all the rankings, traffic numbers, data and fancy graphs are useless.

How we can work together to make things happen

I work as a freelance SEO consultant for a wide range of companies who all have different objectives. My job is to work with you and your staff to ensure your goals and objectives through digital marketing are achieved. It's as simple as that.

As an SEO consultant, some of the things I can help your company with are:

  • The SEO fixer - Finding digital marketing issues, planning the solutions and help to implement the fixes.
  • Sourcing, interviewing and building an in-house digital marketing team. This is perfect for companies who want to move away from working with agencies to take their marketing in-house, but don’t know how.
  • Strategy planning - If you have a good in-house team with a decent level of knowledge but don’t seem to be able to push new business forward as fast as you would like, I’m able to help you analyse your marketing and create a new ROI focused plan.
  • Mentoring your team - Think of me as your in-house SEO manager, without having the high monthly costs of taking me on full time.
  • Peace of mind support – Some companies pay me each month after the initial SEO training sessions to be on-hand at the other end of the telephone. This is a great service as your team can call me or send me an email to ask any SEO or digital marketing related question if they are not sure about any certain marketing technique.
  • Agency monitoring - If you already work with a digital marketing / SEO agency but you are not sure what they are doing is correct or you just want to better understand how to monitor their progress - my agency monitoring consultancy service is perfect for you. I am able to hide away in the background to monitor the work your agency are performing and provide an unbiased review of their service. This is one of my more popular SEO consultancy services as many companies just don't understand what their agency are doing.

"We have been very impressed with the consultancy provided by Mark since he started working with us. He has worked closely with us to understand our company in detail, and how we can not only improve our google ranking but also our overall marketing strategy. Already we have seen an increase in new clients that have found us through online searches and we are very pleased with how quickly and effectively Mark's guidance has helped us with this. We would have no hesitations in recommending Mark and look forward to continue working with him in the future."

Adam Calvert, Rushtons Chartered Accountants (Established Since 1880)

SEO Consultancy Service to Rushtons Chartered Accountants
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