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Like everything I do, I always do my research before publishing anything. With this in mind, I reached out to all my friends, connections and followers on the various social platforms to ask them what would make them hand over their email address and agree to receive an email once a month.

As always, I received some great feedback. Some of the feedback I received included:

  • Something that provided real value to me.
  • SEO tips that I needed to know.
  • A guide for an undiscovered SEO technique.
  • Top 10 list of the best articles published that month.
  • Plus, many other comments…

With all this great feedback, I sat back and began to come up with something that would provide real value to each one of my subscribers. The problem with this was that everyone has diverse levels of SEO knowledge and everyone always wants to know something different.

This is when the penny dropped and I decided to give YOU exactly what YOU wanted. Each month you can ask me any SEO or digital marketing related question and I will add your answer (along with others) to my monthly newsletter. Considering I charge £495 per day for my personal SEO training, having the ability to receive a detailed answer to your must needed to know SEO questions at zero cost, is valuable on its own.

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