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With many years experience and a wealth of knowledge, my tailored training will help you move your business forward on the right track.

“I teach, write and speak about SEO marketing techniques that help drive new business for your brand.”

SEO Training Provider: Mark Preston

SEO Trainer, Speaker and Author

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) changes that fast these days, if your knowledge is not up to scratch, you could be doing more harm than good to your online brand reputation and exposure. I have worked within the digital marketing industry for many years and in that time I have worked with many top brand names within many different industries. As an SEO expert, I stand out from the crowd because I'm not afraid to tell the truth. When I provide SEO training to your business, either via my personal SEO training or one of my SEO workshop seminars, you will learn exactly what you need to know to help you drive new business within your industry.

"I do not provide SEO as a service. I train you so you have the skills and knowledge to do SEO yourself."


I train you at your office on what you want and need to know.


I travel around the UK, hosting SEO master classes to SME's.


One-to-one ask-me-anything style SEO training via Skype.


Ask me any SEO or digital marketing question.

What actually is SEO?

I speak and exhibit at many business and digital expos throughout the UK and one thing visitors always ask me is – “So, tell me what SEO actually is” and the people that have already heard of SEO, a lot of them say something like “Ah, SEO is where you get words to the top of the Google thingy”. I just take it for granted that anyone who owns a website would already know what SEO is but that is definitely not the case and my explanation is to help you understand how I think about SEO!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation (to me) is a digital marketing technique used to drive people who are looking for your product or service, to your website instead of your competitors’ site when they search (on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo) for things related to what you offer. As long as the page they land on relates to what they are looking for, a percentage of these visitors will contact you or purchase your product.

I could go into a lot more detail but I don’t want to bore you. All you need to understand is SEO done right and strategically will help your business to grow.

My Latest SEO Articles

As an established SEO and digital marketing author that writes for newspapers, magazines and top industry blogs, I really enjoy sharing my opinions, thoughts and knowledge as I have a unique 'tell them how it is' style of writing. I don't believe in hiding the truth from anyone and don't believe in writing trashy articles that have been re-hashed thousand times before as quite frankly, they provide very little value to my audience and followers. All articles published are 100% my own work and I never use ghost writers so you get a real taste of what goes on in my head. Take a look at my latest SEO articles below and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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