"As an SEO trainer, I train you on what you and your team want and need to know, giving you the skills and knowledge to push your business forward in the right direction."

I stand out from the crowd and have a great reputation within the digital marketing industry as I'm not afraid to tell the truth. People love and appreciate my 'tell-it-how-it-is' style of SEO training as it's so refreshing to hear. Call me now on 07713 068 945 and let's arrange your first training session.

SEO Training by Mark Preston

SEO training to match your requirements

If you are looking for a face to face training service for your company or agency, my personal SEO training service is ideal for you.

£495 per day (for up to four people).

If you are small business owner who wants to learn the basics of SEO, my structured one-day SEO workshop seminars are ideal for you.

£95 per ticket.

If you are located outside the UK, but need to find a reputable SEO training provider, my 1-2-1 online SEO training service is ideal for you.

£395 GBP per (six hour) session.

"Mark is an exceptional speaker and a truly gifted SEO trainer. His knowledge in the industry is unrivaled and the fact that SEO is not just a job to Mark but rather a passion is obvious from the moment you meet him. I feel privileged to have worked with him and would recommend nobody else for SEO training."

Jordan Worthington, Digital Strategist & Entrepreneur (Attended my Personal SEO Training)

Jordan Worthington

"Mark's reputation is that he's the "go-to" person for SEO training. Having recently attended training with him, I can see why! Mark clearly has a vast amount of knowledge and experience, yet is able to train at all levels. I came away from the training with lots of ideas on how to improve my own website and also a much greater understanding of how SEO is today. I thoroughly recommend Mark."

Sarah Bennett, Owner of Sarah Bennett Social (Attended my SEO Workshop Seminar)

Sarah Bennett

"After many years of being taken advantage of by SEO companies I decided to make a drastic change. The answer is to learn it myself. I found Mark through a live demo and decided to take a risk and a hire an overseas SEO trainer. I've had a total of 6 hours of training and definitely have an overview and understanding of SEO. I signed up for two additional classes I can't wait to complete! Finally, free of corrupt SEO companies scamming business out of their money! Thank you Mark!"

Erica Wolfe, Marketing Manager at Valley West Landscapes (Attended my Online SEO Training)

Erica Wolfe
"A good SEO consultant becomes a great SEO trainer by having pure passion for digital marketing and an 'anything is possible' attitude."

What actually is SEO?

I speak and exhibit at many business and digital expos throughout the UK and one thing visitors always ask me is – “So, tell me what SEO actually is” and the people that have already heard of SEO, a lot of them say something like “Ah, SEO is where you get words to the top of the Google thingy”. I just take it for granted that anyone who owns a website would already know what SEO is but that is definitely not the case and my explanation is to help you understand how I think about SEO!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation (to me) is a digital marketing technique used to drive people who are looking for your product or service, to your website instead of your competitors’ site when they search (on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo) for things related to what you offer. As long as the page they land on relates to what they are looking for, a percentage of these visitors will contact you or purchase your product.

I could go into a lot more detail but I don’t want to bore you. All you need to understand is SEO done right and strategically will help your business to grow.

My Latest SEO Articles

As an established SEO and digital marketing author that writes for newspapers, magazines and top industry blogs, I really enjoy sharing my opinions, thoughts and knowledge as I have a unique 'tell them how it is' style of writing. I don't believe in hiding the truth from anyone and don't believe in writing trashy articles that have been re-hashed thousand times before as quite frankly, they provide very little value to my audience and followers. All articles published are 100% my own work and I never use ghost writers so you get a real taste of what goes on in my head. Take a look at my latest SEO articles below and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at mark@markprestonseo.com.

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